Glide on Lip Perfect Hues


Have you been hunting for lip perfect hues? Take your pick from the gorgeous shades of Tony Moly Bling Cat Cotton Lipstick and you will surely love its sensationally matte selection. With an easy glide, it can make your lips look lusciously fab and beautiful just the way you like it. And it isn’t an ordinary matte because it leaves your lips smooth and moisturized.

Tony Moly Bling Cat Cotton Lipstick lives up to its name and has ingredients to make your lips soft as cotton. In fact, it contains several nourishing oils and kinds of butter such as sea buckthorn, cocoa, shea, and murumuru to ensure that your lips stay supple and smooth. These ingredients also ensure that your lips won’t look patchy and cracking. Another plant-based ingredient of Tony Moly Bling Cat Cotton Lipstick is catnip, a kind of relaxing herb with anti-microbial properties to protect your lips.  And to make your puckers look and stay young-looking, it has collagen and Vitamin E. It leaves a vivid and long-lasting velvety matte finish, you don’t have to apply it frequently.

With its ten lovely shades, Tony Moly Bling Cat Cotton Lipstick can level up your everyday look. You can look sweet and girly with its light pastel shades such as Heroine Pink and Lilac Tear. On the other hand, you can look confident and strong with its varied rouge and orange tints like Maroon Mood and Orange Drop. And if you are in the mood to project a vamp image, you can definitely be one with its Black Tea Plum hue. As an additional perk, these lippies come with a white kitty cap so you can have fun with each application.


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