Special Feature: Let Your Eyes Glow again


By | Flor Leano

Our peepers do not only express our emotions but they also mirror our age. At a glance, they can show the difference between the young and the old. Once you see sagging, dark circles and puffiness including those little lines spreading out from the corners of your eyes called crow’s feet, you should start using SK-II Stempower Eye Cream.  It has the perfect cocktail to bring the glow back in your eyes by combating the signs of damage in the entire eye area due to stress, lack of sleep, UV, dryness and dust. It targets the three crucial points in the eye area which includes the lower eye portion, eyelids and the corner of the eyes.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles, evens out the texture around eye area and fades out dark circles. It uses the Stempower Trio Active which comprises three potent ingredients to visibly firm up the skin around the eyes. This consists of Concentrated Pitera, Stem Acanax and Artichoke Extract. Concentrated Pitera is an ingredient exclusive to SK-II and a unique blend of skin-conditioning agents and vitamins that work together to refine skin texture, enhance radiance, and diminish other visible signs of aging. On the other hand, Stem-Acanax helps in the formation of lift-proteins which is critical in improving skin’s firmness while Artichoke Extract contains antioxidants that fight oxidative stress, one of the contributors in aging of the cells. Artichoke Extract also contains another important chemical called cynaropicrin that helps in protecting the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Additionally, PAL-VB Complex is added in SK-II Stempower Eye Cream to promote the production of skin’s structural protein that is important for skin’s elasticity and wrinkle resilience. Finally, it has Lupine-Alfalfa Extract that helps in preventing eye bags sagging. The powerful mix of Concentrated Pitera, Stem Acanax, Artichoke Extract, PAL-VB Complex and Lupine-Alfalfa Extract guarantees that you’ll get plump and firm skin in just two weeks. This miracle eye cream is super lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin really fast.


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