8 Ways To Make Life Better This Community Quarantine


Still whining about the community quarantine? Look at the brighter side of it especially that it’s for everyone’s safety. This is probably the longest you have ever stayed home and you miss hanging out with friends, travelling and going to work. But you can make each day fun and exciting. Here are the eight ways to make life better this community quarantine.

  • Connect with your family.

You’ve got to admit that you spend more time at work than with your family. You leave very early in the morning and go home late at night when everyone is already asleep. In fact, you can consider your house more of a sleeping quarter. Now it’s your time to reconnect with your family. Brew some coffee with your siblings and imagine that you are at your favorite coffee shop. Ask about their school, friends and books that they recently read. Play board games or scrabble with your parents and you will see what you have been missing in your life.

  • Get a beauty rest.

The modern and busy lifestyle makes it hard for everyone to have a good night sleep when cells are supposed to regenerate. So, even if you put beauty creams on your face, you still look a lot older than you should. In fact, you can consider having beauty rest as essential part of your beauty regimen. This is your chance to sleep well without worrying about reports or deadlines. Massage you face with moisturizer until you fall asleep and wakeup looking more relaxed and beautiful.

  • Learn new skills online.

Take this opportunity to learn something new and develop a new hobby. If you used to be into photography, try sketching this time. Channel your photography skills to a pencil then think of all the interesting things and places you’ve seen, and put them in a clean pad. If don’t know how to, there are online tutorials for this. It’s also the best time to get into some arts and crafts. Get your old bracelets and make new ones from them. But find bright ideas through some Youtube artists and you’ll be amazed at what else you can do with your beads.

  • Meditate.

In any religion, meditation is probably one of those they teach to connect with your inner self. It’s so easy to do. You can turn off the lights then simply sit on the floor and relax. Close your eyes and empty yourself from all those things that bother you then you will no longer feel stressed. Don’t forget to play relaxing music and light scented candles when you meditate to induce you to relax further.

  • Learn yoga and exercise regularly.

Before the community quarantine, many people signed up in a gym but because of their busy schedules, they could not attend regular exercise schedules and end up wasting their money. You’ve got a lot of time now so you can learn yoga online. Contrary to common knowledge, yoga is a form of exercise and the meditation is just a part of it. It’s a physical activity consisting mainly of postures and flowing sequences then accompanied by rhythmic breathing. It usually ends with meditation. You may also dance zumba. Whether you’ll opt for zumba or yoga, just click some videos online and sweat all those excess fats from over-indulging.

  • Contribute or donate to charity online.

If boredom is making your life miserable, hunger is what makes others’ lives unbearable. And since you can’t leave your houses to do your share, you can help those in need by donating to charity online. Just make sure that they are legitimate charity organizations like Caritas or big TV networks that are well known for their charitable works. You can also prepare sandwiches for the village guards who keep you safe at night or bring cup noodles to them. It will keep them inspired doing their jobs. And once you see their smiles, you will feel good inside.

  • Perfect your daily makeup.

Pretty yourself up even if you can’t leave home. How could you ever cope with the situation if you don’t look and feel good? Open your makeup kit then mix and blend colors on your eyes and lips then take a picture for your IG. Try the makeup tricks you’ve been dying to do before but didn’t have the chance to do so. Sit and watch makeup experts and learn some tips on how you can do your ideal look. You can grab this opportunity to transform your looks.

  • Learn new recipes.

Fast food could have been your staple for a very long time so go to your kitchen and try easy-to-prepare recipes. You may also add a twist to the usual recipes you eat like adding left over pork strips to your omelette. Since cooking supplies are limited these days, think of substitutes like having canned tuna for your carbonara. Thicken your sauce with egg yolk so you don’t have to put a lot of cream in your recipes. If there aren’t any potatoes left, you can also try fried sweet potatoes for afternoon snacks.


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