Hair: Rescue your Hair from Baldness


BY | Fair Beauty

As you grow older, every strand of your hair matters. It’s the symbol of youth and makes you even more attractive. So, if you are starting to notice that your hair is becoming thinner and thinner each day, rescue it from baldness and find yourself a bottle of Ikumou Hair Loss Supplement. It stimulates hair growth by giving you a bountiful supply of nutrients proven scientifically to make your hair grow.

Ikumou Hair Loss Supplement is safe and effective because it has the FDA seal so you will get only the best results for your crowning glory.  One of its ingredients is medicinal yeast, a rich source of the Vitamin B group and minerals. You see, Vitamin B deficiencies may lead to hair loss. To understand the value of Vitamin B, we need to remember that hair is primarily made from proteins called keratin and Vitamin B is essential for the keratin synthesis. Simply put, having enough of keratin means having stronger and healthier hair strands. Meanwhile, medicinal yeasts’ richness in vitamins and proteins stimulates the growth of new hair and nourishes newly-grown hair.  Another ingredient of Ikumou Hair Loss Supplement that your hair will love is the thiamine nitrate, a supplement of thiamine also known as Vitamin B1. It is used in the treatment of low levels of thiamine in the body and protects the body from conditions caused by low levels of thiamine such as nerve disorders and hair loss. The level of Vitamin B1 in your body declines with age making you more prone to hair problems. If you have adequate Thiamine nitrate in the body, your hair will remain luxuriously thick.

You will also find Keratin in Ikumou Hair Supplement. You need Keratin supplement because once you get older, you experience a decline in the production of keratin making your hair susceptible to dryness and breakage especially when using brushes or styling products. A research finding shows that taking keratin supplement improves hair strength in just one month. Another essential vitamin for your hair found in Ikumou hair Supplement is L-cysteine. It is not only necessary for good health but also for beautiful hair. L-cysteine, which helps in building protein in the body, plays an important role in keeping the hair healthy from roots to tips. It is one of few amino acids with the ability to form disulfide bonds that hold together the keratin strands within the hair and help it to retain moisture preventing hair dryness. Additionally, L-cysteine directly helps in maintaining the texture and thickness of hair. To prove this, a German study in 2000 examined the role of L-cysteine in hair loss and hair regrowth and found out that L-cysteine therapy shows a decrease in hair loss and restores natural hair growth.

If your problem is graying hair, you can get good result in P-aminobenzoic acid ingredient of Ikumou Hair Supplement. It is a chemical found in the folic acid vitamin and also in several food including grains, eggs, milk, and meat. It retains the color of your hair, prevents the appearance of gray hair and promotes hair growth. On the other hand, Calcium pantothenate, which is a form of pantothenic acid or Vitamin B, binds the hair follicles and builds a layer of moisture along the surface of the hair to add shine and softness without greasiness.


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