Stretched and Unstressed.

Young, beautiful and healthy woman in spa salon. Traditional oriental aroma therapy and beauty treatments.

By | Flor Leano

Now that majority of people opted to work from home, they are just stuck in their work areas and won’t be catching trains or walking to the nearby restaurants for lunch or snack. Shopping time is very limited while travel plans are postponed indefinitely.It might not cause a lot of trouble going to work nowadays but it has made body movements too limited. Sitting in front of a laptop for long periods also causes back pains and frozen shoulders that can cause discomfort.

Asian Massage offers a relaxing massage that may relax your strained muscles. In that way, you can work more productively and enjoy working from home more. Thai Massage is a must-try at Asian Massage. It  is a soothing massage that involves stretching, pulling, and rocking to relieve tension and promote relaxation. This kind of massage has to be done by experts so you must try it at Asian Massage because it has well-trained therapists. Here are some of the benefits of Thai Massage:

Reduces headaches

You must be experiencing headaches lately especially if you are glued to your screen most of the time. Thai massage has been known to alleviate migraine and tension headaches. The good thing is that its effect can last for several days or even weeks. Your headache pill can give you just a few hours of relief but Thai Massage, if done well, can give longer relief.

Eases back pain

Does your back hurt because you sit on the chair the whole day? Thai massage can help reduce back pain because the therapist’s assisted stretches guide the body back into proper alignment, improving overall posture. Improved posture then allows the joints to move within their intended ranges and positions, easing and preventing pain.

The stretches in a Thai Massage relieve excess stress on the skeletal structure including the spine and provide lower back relief. The combination of gentle massage and stretches in this technique relaxes and lengthens any tight muscles and removes pressure from the back.

Boosts energy

If you lack the motivation to finish work at home, take a break and get a Thai massage. It uses energy work, which involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to open channels that will improve the flow of energy throughout the body. After your Thai massage, you will not only feel relaxed but you will feel ready to face the long days and work ahead of you.

Tranquil Slumber Thai massage promotes deep relaxation which has been shown to help you get a more restorative night sleep. Deeper sleep allows the body to heal itself physically and allows you to rest your tired body so you can face the next days with an alert mind and body.


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