Active and Fit During Quarantine


By | Liah Roxas – Magundayao

Many people are facing anxiety and depression issues due to fear of COVID19 and loss of contact and social support. Physical activities are vital to help you protect your health especially during this time of the pandemic. 

The best way to protect yourself from the virus is still of course, staying at home with minimal or if possible, NO contact from outside people. Having a daily routine just like before the pandemic happened is essential and so is keeping yourself fit and healthy not just during quarantine but even when life gets back to normal.

Doing simple home workouts such as Yoga, Lifting weights, do not require ample amount of space. So having a small space won’t probably be a valid excuse to stick to your sedentary lifestyle you settled into during the series of continuous quarantine. You can actually switch your extended hours in front of the TV, your phone or computer into doing something more productive like cleaning the house, grooming your pets, find an extra source of income that involves manual labor or perhaps a new hobby to keep you creative and or fit.

Here are the following indoor activities that require only a little space to help you keep fit:

Yoga – Requires only a mat and proper Yoga outfit is completely optional.

Yoga is known to many for stress management and relief. It actually has tons of benefits and that includes improving health, flexibility, balance and strength. It helps people with posture, muscle back pain and arthritis relief. It helps people with anxiety, depression, Insomnia and some with heart problems too!

Weightlifting – Weightlifting at home requires dumbells, kettlebells and you can even use resistance bands along with them.

Weightlifting is not just about building muscles and or bulking up just like what many people think it’s about. Experts says that it also help in increasing bone density, improves metabolism, fights off chronic diseases and reduce body fat, promoting a healthier body and boosts confidence too.

Jump Rope – Requires only your own choice of jump rope depending on the areas you target. Some also uses a non slip mat but it is completely optional.

When it comes to cardio exercises, Skipping rope is the best as it increases the heart rate therefore promoting a better heart health. It improves overall coordination and helps in dramatically reducing belly fat that’s why a lot of people are getting hooked. It also helps in strengthening the bones, increasing stamina and gets rid of fatigue.


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