Beauty in Diversity


By | Flor Leano

Every woman is uniquely beautiful. Miss Canada Nova Stevens is right when she said that the definition of beauty applies to all because this can be seen in different shapes, shades and sizes. There is beauty in diversity and no one should be unjustly judged or bullied just for looking different from the others. Although several campaigns have already been launched to promote equality, racial discrimination still exists.

Miss Canada Nova Stevens received very harsh criticisms for her color lately and opened our eyes to the painful realities of racial discrimination again. She pointed out, “You don’t need to dim someone’s light in order for you to shine.” Insulting words that criticize one’s looks, nationality, accent or anything weird leave indelible marks that can be haunting and will later on, affect the decisions of a person. A person bullied for being dark can become obsessed with whitening pills while someone who was laughed at for being too fat can resort to fad diets or end up suffering from eating disorders. What is really sad about those who bash people for their looks is that they do not realize that everyone has a flaw. They can criticize anyone they like today but someday, they can also be a subject of criticism. The golden rule applies in matters of racial descrimination. It does not make the world an inch better. It spreads negativity and causes division. There is so much beauty in others if we just learn how to appreciate what is good in them. As Nova said, “beauty is not exclusive to one specific group of people.” 

Nova’s experience shook many to their senses especially when Miss Philippines Rabiya Mateo reached out and apologized to her. Rabiya was also bashed on the social media herself and fully understand the ordeal of Nova. She appealed to the Filipinos that they should stop the racist comments as these do not reflect our values. Later, Nova received positive messages by a greater number of Filipinos and she was so thankful about the turn of events.


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